Gearshift Ballpoint Pen


    Get ready to shift your writing into high gear with our gear shift pen! This is no ordinary pen; it’s a mini masterpiece of automotive authenticity, ready to rev up your writing experience. Crafted from the finest whisky barrel wood in Speyside!

    With its five-speed H-pattern shifter, it’s like you’re shifting gears in a real car, but on paper! The cap features a car tyre with a true-to-life tread and hubcap – a little piece of the road right in your hand. The tip boasts the same tyre tread as the cap, ensuring every word you write leaves tracks.

    And let’s not forget the shifter handle with its etched five-speed pattern – because when it comes to style, this pen shifts into overdrive. The industrialized crowbar clip attached to the body with two small screws adds the perfect finishing touch to the design.

    Make it a forever keepsake with Parker-style refills, and it’s designed to make sure your writing is as smooth as a well-oiled engine. So, if you’re a car enthusiast or just love a touch of automotive flair in your everyday life, this pen is your ideal driving companion!

    Finished with elegant gunmetal fittings and arrives ready to gift in a smart black presentation box.